More than just a meal, our volunteers deliver tender, loving care to our homebound seniors every day, providing the human touch that means so much to them.

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Transforming Lives: The Power of a Knock
A knock at the door might not seem like a big deal to many of us. But, to a homebound senior, it could signal the arrival of the only person they might see all day or all week long. It brings hope. It brings health. It brings the nutrition and care that will completely make their day. A knock from Meals on Wheels can even save lives.


Meals on Wheels of Texoma provides so much more than a meal. With cadres of compassionate volunteers, staff, and supporters, we work diligently to show local seniors they're appreciated, valued, and remembered. Our team effort is an example of what wonderful things can happen when a community invested in caring for its own mobilizes for good.

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The number of seniors in our country will grow exponentially in the coming years. Meals on Wheels is a proven public-private partnership that effectively addresses the challenges of aging by promoting health and improving quality of life for our nation's most vulnerable seniors. By leveraging the existing Meals on Wheels Network.