Furry Friends Overview

Program Overview

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The Meals on Wheels Texoma Furry Friends program provides assistance for companion animals that belong to our elderly and disabled neighbors in need. We believe that the unconditional love of a pet improves the lives of anyone lucky enough to have one.

Pets reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness, and most importantly, they make us smile. While there is little doubt that pets make us happy, they can also expensive.  We recognize that some seniors may need a little help to keep their Furry Friends healthy and happy. This is why we started the Furry Friends program, which provides assistance for pet-related expenses, such as pet food, medication, flea and tick treatment, grooming, temporary boarding and veterinary care (excluding spay and neuter services). In order to request assistance, the applicant must be a current recipient of Meals on Wheels of Texoma services, and the animal must belong to and live with the meal recipient. For more information about the program or to request assistance, please contact one of our caseworkers at (903)786-3351.